Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Learning Russian

     My fiance was born in Russia and has spoken both Russian and English since her early childhood years. In learning her native tongue, it is my goal to create a new level of our relationship, expand my knowledge, test my dedication and be able to communicate with her grandmother and extended family, some of which currently live in Russia and only speak Russian. It would also be nice to know when she and her mother are making fun of me for something I would otherwise be ignorant to :-/

     Being as she is my fiance, lives with me and is one of two people I know that speak Russian, she has agreed to teach me this language. The reason i created this blog is so that anyone can follow my progress, and maybe even learn along with me. I will intermittently post updates with what I have learned. I'll type in the Russian phrase/word, then the Alphabetic interpretation of the Russian pronunciation, then the English Translation. This should act as an exercise for my new vocabulary, as well as familiarize me with using the Russian keyboard and give any followers I might have a chance to learn along with me.

     Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck; I like this goal! Learning another language is one I always have on the back burner. I "followed" you with my blog, too.